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History of the Artificial Grass
2013/4/23 10:54:32

The story of the artificial grass goes 70 years back when it was invented and used for the first time in the history. It was Minnesota mining and manufacturing corporations that created the product in the 1940s. They had developed a rubbery material that can be used by athletes for their training and optimizing their performance. The company went on to create the turfs for the next 20 years one of which became quite famous and is still in use and is named as ‘3m’.

It was one other person who is considered to be the person behind the success of this material. David Chaney who developed the first form of artificial grass and created various welcome mats used in the major indoor league baseball stadiums.

It was not before 1967 when it first came to noticed on a large basis. It was the point when it replaced the whole organic grass inside the world’s first multi-purpose dome shaped sports stadium with synthetic grass.

The next commercial use done on large basis was in 1976 when it was used by the American Hockey Federation for the Olympics in Montreal. Since then, the product has been widely used in many sports and international stadiums as well as in residential areas. 

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